lavendermustelid: I can and will use the term “nigga” whenever and however I damn well please. Just because I’m a “white dude from Texas” doesn’t mean shit. You’re probably one of those people who thinks we’re just a bunch of white trash rednecks sitting around waiting for our next clan meeting. NEWSFLASH: that’s Alabama.
Shut the fuck up and stay off my blog.

skittyd123: you know what, that sounds perfect for me.

alliartist: while that does actually sound like a good idea, I was thinking something more related to first or second gen, since those are the two that I always played. Also, I’m really skeptical about a forearm tat. I mean, it would look pretty cool (my best friend has one, 8-bit ash and pikachu, like from yellow) I just wouldn’t want to worry about having to go out of my way to cover it. Although I will keep that possibility open.

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